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Helping you build an effective compliance system.

Helping you build a supportive company culture.

Helping you build processes that work.

We solve practical issues of any level of complexity.

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The essence of ComplianceTeam solutions

The mission and benefits of our approach

Risk management

We know how to identify vulnerabilities within the corporate structures and procedures, and protect these frameworks from violation of the corporate policies. That decreases the impact of possible problems.

Cultivation of compliance culture

We introduce procedures which help cultivate the environment and the compliance culture, including respect to both written and unwritten rules. That increases trust towards the company and loyalty of employees in difficult situations.

Regulatory compliance

The system we create helps the company cultivate an environment where rules, laws, as well as specific corporate values are respected. That makes the company more productive, valuable and trustworthy.

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How does compliance help businesses?

Value added through compliance implementation

Safer business

Compliance brings security, robustness and readiness in case of unexpected difficulties, preventing vulnerability to risks, sanctions and personal impact.

Lower costs

Readiness for a corporate environment where rules and policies are respected prevents potential costs associated with the impact of possible difficulties and increases procedural efficiency across the company.

Improved decision-making

Compliance makes assessments of risks implied through execution of particular procedures in the company and their involvement in decision-making criteria part of the strategic management.

Better business partnership

Compliance makes your business more transparent, credible, trustworthy, as well as a more reliable business partner for your clients, suppliers and other cooperating entities.

Easier management

Compliance-related procedures provide the managers with the certainty of efficient management even in those sections of the company which are at further ends of the delegation framework, allowing the business to run with better knowledge and higher levels of confidence.

We help design compliance systems

From A to Z. Custom.

We address issues across all levels of complexity, from the easiest through the most difficult. This may involve addressing poor awareness of capacities or IT resources, revising documents, adjusting and optimizing processes, as well as setting the management and controled environments.

We contribute to corporate culture changes

and directly to the positive reception of compliance across the company structure.

We help define the entire project, i.e. why compliance is being implemented in the particular company and what the goals are. We assess compliance risks, including the follow-up prioritization. We select preventive, detective and reactive measures for implementation of compliances.

We consider the size and complexity of the business

We apply proportionality.

This is why the result of our work always matches real requirements. We are present during the period of implementation and testing to help adapt the system to your environment and optimize it to your current conditions. Thus we secure useful results matching everyday life. We usually get involved through consultation, or we outsource staff to temporarily join teams in the company and assist right on the spot.

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