Preparing an effective campaign for communicating compliance issues

Information about training

What you get from the training

You'll learn what tools you can use to communicate compliance topics so that you can get these topics in front of all the audiences you're targeting. You will get an idea of how to prepare an appropriate communication campaign on any compliance topic. You will also know how to actively involve management in promoting compliance. You will learn what communication tools to use to promote an overall compliance culture in your company.

Training content

Communication campaigns as an important tool for promoting a strong compliance culture in the company. Thus, we will discuss how to communicate compliance topics to:

  • everyone in the company understood them
  • - everyone understood that risk management in the company involved
  • they knew that prevention is better than cure
  • were open and
  • help build a safe protection system


  • - We explain how campaigns fit into your company's communication and education plan
  • - We will introduce the principles of effective campaign creation aimed at specific target groups
  • - Using concrete examples, we will show how to apply these principles and what success you can achieve


For whom it is intended

  • compliance specialist
  • in-house lawyer
  • risk manager
  • auditor
  • IT security
  • business continuity

Form of training

  • Pre-registration


  • Compliance officer in cooperation with mentor/coach

Our satisfied clients

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