International sanctions

Information about training

What you get from the training

You will be able to explain the importance of international sanctions and why you need to pay attention. You will be able to identify the physical factors and name the links that will enable you to assess any suspicious activity.

Training content

  1. 1. What are international sanctions (nature/focus/mission)
  2. Obligations arising from legislation
  3. Types of sanctions and examples
  4. 4. How and where sanctions can be reflected in the company's activities
  5. Risk factors, what to look for - what/who/when to check
  6. Threats and penalties for non-compliance
  7. 7. Obligations when reporting suspected violations of international sanctions
  8. Silence

For whom it is intended

  • Manager
  • in-house lawyer
  • compliance specialist / officer
  • risk manager
  • auditor
  • money laundering reporting officer (MLRO)

Form of training

  • Session, online


  • Compliance officer/AML officer

Our satisfied clients

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