Corruption - gifts and conflicts of interest

Information about training

What you get from the training

You will have a clear understanding of the importance of disclosing and reviewing conflicts of interest in the company and addressing the issue of accepting and giving gifts. You will understand why this is so. You will also know what effective compliance-based elements to put in place within these areas. With concrete examples from practice, you will easily implement changes in your company.

This course can be taken independently. We recommend combining it with the Corruption - General course.

Training content

1. Donations

  • - the answer to why there is a fine line between a gift and a bribe
  • - how to know when corruption is involved (examples from practice)
  • - what measures to set up (prevention/detection/reaction)

2. Conflict of interests

  • definition and types of conflict of interest
  • connection to corrupt conduct
  • - what measures to set up (prevention/detection/reaction)

3. Examples from practice

For whom it is intended

  • compliance specialist
  • in-house lawyer
  • Manager
  • risk manager
  • auditor

Form of training

  • Session, online


  • Compliance officer

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