Outsourcing compliance officer

Typical reasons

  • Lack of internal human resources
  • Shortage of candidates on the labour market
  • Compliance officer outage
  • Lack of expertise
  • Cost of recruiting an employee

Why choose ComplianceTeam

  • Expert knowledge
  • An independent view of what's going on in the company
  • Cost savings
  • Transparent reporting
  • A service tailored to your needs
  • Discretion and professional approach
  • Design of functional solutions

Content of the service Outsourcing compliance officer

We will become part of your team and support you in protecting your business from compliance risks (all or some of them).

  • working with regulation and standards
  • compliance risk mapping
  • planning compliance activities
  • education on compliance
  • education using effective communication resources
  • support in implementing the rules and ensuring compliance
    (involvement in projects and other change activities to address compliance risks)
  • administration of internal regulatory bases
  • whistleblowing support
  • screening business partners, monitoring conflicts of interest, etc.
  • carrying out controls and/or supervising the implementation of internal controls
  • setting disciplinary measures for breaches of the rules
  • Reporting to management on the status of compliance

Our approach

Protect the company against "compliance risks" and support the development of a compliance culture in the company based on professional experience and with "common sense".

Our satisfied clients

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