Information about training

What you get from the training

You will be prepared for your role as a competent person as you will be familiar with the requirements of the law and the rules of the process for the internal reporting system. You will know how to deal with notifications in general, the timeframes for dealing with individual cases and how to ensure the protection of the whistleblower and others.

You will be able to communicate the benefits and purpose of an internal notification system to company employees. By participating in a case study, you will test your theoretical knowledge in practice.

Training content

  1. 1. Definitions and requirements under current Czech legislation
  2. Internal notification system and its rules
  3. Competent person, his/her role and responsibilities
  4. Receipt and verification of notifications
  5. Protection of the whistleblower and other persons
  6. 6. Benefits of an internal notification system
  7. Case study - active involvement of participants

For whom it is intended

  • the employee in the role of the competent person
  • HR, HR manager
  • in-house lawyer
  • Manager

Form of training

  • Session, online


  • Compliance officer with the practice of a competent person

Our satisfied clients

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