Compliance culture 

Typical reasons

  • Compliance is only "on paper"
  • Low awareness of compliance in the company
  • Employees do not understand their role in compliance
  • Management does not sufficiently support compliance
  • Low willingness of other employees or management to get involved

Why choose ComplianceTeam

  • A truly functioning compliance system
  • Spreading awareness throughout the company
  • Awakening interest in compliance
  • Increased support from management
  • Higher employee engagement

Content of the service Compliance culture 

We're going to start a change in the company. Compliance will be supported by everyone - from management to the last employee.

  • Creating support proposals to raise awareness of compliance within the company (options, types of communication channels, etc. with regard to the target group, etc.)
  • Compliance communication plan for an agreed period (e.g. 12 months)
  • Implementation of planned communication activities
  • Implementation and support of tone at the top, awareness and what can be controlled according to the NSZ methodology in case of TOPO solutions
  • Records of our proposed and implemented communication activities for internal control, audit and reporting purposes

Our approach

We present abstract and complex topics in a clear manner and influence the opinions of both management and employees across the company.

Our satisfied clients

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