Compliance Basics for Officers

Information about training

What you get from the training

Know the main components of a compliance system. Thanks to the practical examples you will be introduced to during the course, you will understand the context and essence of the interconnection of the components and their necessity to achieve a functional system.

You will be able to identify the compliance risks your business is exposed to and know how to ensure they are controlled. You will have a clear idea of where to start, where to continue, how to get the system up and running in your company and how to make it more effective in the future.

Training content

1. Reasons for introducing a compliance programme
2. Compliance risk mapping and risk management
3. Compliance as a system

  • individual system components (controls, resources, audit...)
  • the importance of components and interconnections

4. Compliance agendas (optional):

  • Criminal liability of legal persons
  • Ethical compliance
  • Whistleblowing
  • Corruption, conflict of interest, gifts, sponsorship
  • - Relationship management with business partners (Know your partner)

For whom it is intended

  • aspiring compliance officer
  • in-house lawyer
  • risk manager
  • auditor

Form of training

  • Pre-registration


  • compliance officer

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