Improving the compliance system

Typical reasons

  • Preparing for change in the company
  • Preparing for audit or certification
  • Pre/post-acquisition verification
  • Inconsistent compliance culture
  • Inefficiency of the current system
  • People just don't follow the rules
  • Insufficient knowledge of legislation

Why choose ComplianceTeam

  • Greater protection against criminal liability of legal persons
  • Strengthening the protection of members of the management
  • Higher company RoI
  • Strengthening competitive advantage
  • Increased protection also against other non-financial risks

Content of the service Improving the compliance system

We will also implement the compliance system on the green field. We will improve the existing one for you so that it is effective. Or we can just check its quality.

Building or reviewing a compliance system - prevention, detection, response:

  • - identification and assessment of compliance risks (risk assessment) with regard to the sector, activity, complexity of the company
  • - a proposal to define roles and responsibilities for compliance risk management
  • preparation of a compliance activity plan
  • budgeting support
  • compliance officer training
  • - support for education and awareness on compliance issues (different target groups)
  • - support in implementing processes to manage compliance risks
  • introduction of compliance agendas
  • - introduction of a tool for reporting infringements
  • - development of a regulatory base (code of ethics, etc.)
  • - Proposal for the introduction of compliance risk management controls
  • preparation of reporting for the company management
  • a proposal for disciplinary measures
  • proposal for increasing the maturity of the system

Project support:

  • preparation of the implementation plan and schedule
  • monitoring of project development
  • - communication on project development to the company management

Our approach

Create a sustainable, working system that we can help you improve over time as your company evolves.

Our satisfied clients

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