Our services

We provide full-scale compliance solutions

We guarantee long-term sustainability of our compliance systems


We analyse risks

We assess the risk potential of the particular business model, work methods and processes in the company. We evaluate the extent of risk, suggest appropriate changes in the company and put them into practice.


We adjust processes

We suggest adjustments of work methods and work flow of particular people in relevant job positions. We locate bottlenecks, risk factors, as well as targets with an impact that creates the highest efficiency.


We define roles

We adjust roles of people, coordinate teams and set corporate culture resistant to tendencies towards rules violation. We use the best practices to apply changes which are tried and tested, as well as functional.

We support internal compliance officers

We guide and coach the employees responsible for compliance


We provide training and coaching

We provide training, coaching and consultation to improve skills and competence of the people responsible for compliance. We share our professional experience, best practices, and suggest solutions adapted to the needs of the company.


We set the job position

We know how to structure, prioritise and strategically set compliance officer job positions. We supply them with methodics, document templates, and other compliance tools, and guide them in decision-making.


We find and hire compliance officers

If the job position is new and generates a vacancy, we assist the company in finding a compliance officer in the market, testing their skills and abilities, instructing them on their work, and helping them start as soon as possible, using the full potential of the entire variety of instruments and  tools.

We outsource external compliance officers

We can provide an outsourced supervisor and administrator of your compliance system to supervise our expert


We outsource a professional

Our outsourced compliance officer is a professional expert with vast experience in the industry. This professional follows the strategic concept for compliance in the company and supervises meetings of its goals for the long term.


Maximum efficiency

Thanks to professional support our expert can start implementing required changes from day one. Clear and transparent management eliminates any inefficiencies and ensures the best solutions instantly, at any moment.


We reduce costs

Especially for small and middle-sized businesses, outsourcing a compliance officer is a low-cost, yet still a highly efficient solution. It provides a professional and reliable service, with a clearly stated budget.

Are you addressing specific risks?

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We help design compliance systems.

From A to Z. Custom.

We address issues across all levels of complexity, from the easiest through the most difficult. This may involve addressing poor awareness of capacities or IT resources, revising documents, adjusting and optimizing processes, as well as setting the management and controled environments.

We contribute to corporate culture changes

and directly to the positive reception of compliance across the company structure.

We help define the entire project, i.e. why compliance is being implemented in the particular company and what the goals are. We assess compliance risks, including the follow-up prioritization. We select preventive, detective and reactive measures for implementation of compliances.

We consider the size and complexity of the business.

We apply proportionality.

This is why the result of our work always matches real requirements. We are present during the period of implementation and testing to help adapt the system to your environment and optimize it to your current conditions. Thus we secure useful results matching everyday life. We usually get involved through consultation, or we outsource staff to temporarily join teams in the company and assist right on the spot.

How to make employees comply with the rules?

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