Professional simulation workshop

Information about training

What you get from the training

By attending the workshop you will gain new impulses that will advance your company and yourself in what you do. You will come to the realization that only mutual communication and cooperation can lead to the development of company culture or, on the contrary, to negative impacts on the company. You will uncover the strengths and weaknesses of management's readiness to act in unexpected situations.

The workshop is tailor-made for the company.

Training content

An experiential, interactive format that allows for group management in a team:

  • find out what your business may be at risk of
  • - uncover potential vulnerabilities in your business
  • develop a compliance mindset
  • apply a risk-based approach
  • share best practice experiences

This is an interactive workshop:

  • - we present you with problem situations/incidents (relevant to your industry and based on practice)
  • - you as a group are seeking consensus on how to make a decision in a given situation

For whom it is intended

  • Manager
  • compliance officer

Form of training

  • Pre-registration


  • Compliance officer in cooperation with mentor/coach

Our satisfied clients

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