Whistleblowing - competent person

Typical reasons

  • Lack of expertise
  • Uncertainty: what is and what is not an announcement
  • Small collective
  • Emphasis on company reputation
  • Lack of funding for internal staff

Why choose ComplianceTeam

  • Ensuring the protection of the whistleblower
  • Saving funds
  • Saving team capacity
  • Representability and continuous operation
  • Discreet and professional approach
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements

Content of the service Whistleblowing - competent person

We will take care of all the tasks of the relevant person

  • Daily monitoring of notifications
  • Intake, categorisation and first selection
  • Watching deadlines
  • Initial communication with the notifier
  • Ensuring the protection of the whistleblower
  • Verification of the validity of the notification
  • - Proposal for corrective measures for simple notifications
  • - Proposing options for the procedure, budgeting for complex notifications
  • We will provide feedback

I want to know more about the "person in question"

Our approach

Discreet and professional processing of cases in accordance with legislative requirements.

Our satisfied clients

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