Criminal liability of legal persons (TOPO)

Information about training

What you get from the training

You will be able to explain the essence of the criminal liability of a legal entity (TOPO) to anyone, while also having a specific link to the management of your company. You will be clear about the link between TOPO and the compliance program. You will be able to map risks and set priorities for the entire company. You will know how to reduce risk and prevent liability. Thanks to practical examples, you will be able to better assimilate the information learned during the training.

Training content

1. Definition - what is corporate criminal liability

2. Prerequisites for the establishment of criminal liability of legal persons

3. What to do in practice + prevention

  • - Tools: prevention/detection/response and implementation of a compliance system
  • risk analysis
  • code of ethics
  • training
  • Communications
  • Principle: get to know your partners and employees

4. Sanctions

5. Practical examples

For whom it is intended

  • compliance specialist
  • in-house lawyer
  • Manager
  • risk manager
  • auditor

Form of training

  • Session, online


  • Compliance officer

Our satisfied clients

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