ISO in compliance

Typical reasons

  • Company's intention to obtain certification
  • Business partner requirement
  • Missing experience
  • Lack of funding for recruitment

Why choose ComplianceTeam

  • Efficient processes
  • Competitive advantage
  • An independent view of what's going on in the company
  • Transparent reporting
  • Cost savings
  • Short-term and long-term cooperation according to your needs

Content of the service ISO in compliance

Are you dealing with ISO 37001, 37301 or 37302? Either our specialist will become part of your team or prepare you for a smooth certification.

A. Outsourcing ISO manager

  • - Process control through procedures, work instructions and specifications
  • Control and revision of documents
  • Training (preparation and implementation)
  • Identification of risks, opportunities and resources
  • Process monitoring and measurement
  • Definition of corrective actions
  • Process Improvement

B. Preparation for certification or surveillance audit

  • - We get to know the organization and set up the whole PDCA cycle
  • - We define the scope of the system and define the basic tasks
  • - Mapping the risks (where corruption threatens inside and outside)
  • - Make a plan (what, when, where, how and why to change)
  • - We create or edit documents (standards, manuals, communications)
  • We train employees and management
  • - Launch a communication campaign (so that everyone knows what to do)
  • We will perform an internal audit (of the entire system)

Our approach

Pass on only best practices with a minimum of bureaucracy.

Our satisfied clients

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