Cyber Security (NIS2)

Typical reasons

  • Complexity of cyber security regulations (NIS2, law, decrees)
  • Need to meet specific requirements of legislation and supervisory authority (NUCIB)
  • Lack of internal knowledge in the field of cyber security
  • Efforts to minimize the risks of cyber threats, data leaks and the human factor
  • Requirement to keep up-to-date on cyber security legislation
  • Assistance in implementing effective cybersecurity strategies
  • Support in conducting cyber security risk assessments
  • Comparison with best practice

Why choose ComplianceTeam

  • Expert knowledge of NIS2 and related cybersecurity regulations
  • Proven track record in helping companies achieve compliance
  • A team of cybersecurity experts
  • Tailored solutions for specific needs
  • Ongoing support and advice on cyber threat developments
  • Advanced tools and methodologies for risk assessment

Content of the service Cyber Security (NIS2)

Protecting your business and your data

  • Comprehensive analysis of the company's compliance with legislative requirements
  • Developing customised cyber security strategies
  • Training and awareness programmes for employees
  • Regular updates on new regulations and compliance requirements
  • Assistance in setting up cyber security incident response plans
  • Support in communication with supervisory authorities
  • Periodic audits and assessments to ensure continued compliance

Our approach

Optimal process setup, in accordance with legal requirements and tailored to the company's needs.

Our satisfied clients

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