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ComplianceTeam is a team of experts

experienced in implementation of compliance systems in companies.


Daniel Tošner

Daniel is the executive director. He addresses analysis of client’s needs and goals and design compliance systems matching these needs. In addition to that, he manages ComplianceTeam.

Daniel has had a lot of practical experience of implementing compliance systems, including risk mapping, process changing, implementing checks, and influencing corporate culture. He has worked in financial markets, specifically in the insurance industry, where he started working in legislation in the Ministry of Finance and for a supervisory authority, then he worked in supervision in the British Financial Service Authority (FSA), as a project manager and also as the legal and compliance manager in insurance companies of different scales. He was also a manager of a consultancy team addressing risk & regulatory advisory in KPMG. He has also acquired experience in other industries (power industry, waste management).


Petr Plavec

Petr is a lawyer, the founder of Plavec and partners (www.ppak.cz/en/). In ComplianceTeam, he addresses law interpretation.

He has specialised in financial markets, focusing on banking products, insurance, etc. He has had practical experience with corporate law and practical difficulties in companies. In compliance he is experienced in such issues as implementation of criminal liability of legal entities. As to lecturing, he has also addressed training, simulating and preparing for on-the-spot supervision by supervisory authorities.

Other experts

If needed, we cooperate with experts in relevant sectors

Risk manager

Methodology for compliance risk management, compliance mapping and its assessment


Investigation of incidents

Integrity manager

Expert on corporate culture, coaching

ISO manager

Compliance systems in line with ISO 37001:2016 (Anti-bribery Management Systems)

Compliance Officers with experience in various industries

Engineering, power industry, water management, waste management, insurance, AML

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