Why compliance and what to expect

Information about training

What you get from the training

You will realize how you can do business and sleep peacefully at the same time. You'll gain knowledge of how to strengthen your competitive edge and protect yourself and your business from compliance risk (e.g. criminal liability), and how to maintain your good reputation.

Training content

  1. 1. Benefits of implementing and strengthening the compliance system
  2. 2. Case studies depending on your type of business
  3. risk-based approach and cost optimisation
  4. 4. Instructions on how to be prepared for an inspection (by an investigator, prosecutor, supervisory authority)

For whom it is intended

  • Member of the Board of Directors
  • member of the company management
  • Senior Manager

Form of training

  • Pre-registration


  • Compliance officer in cooperation with mentor/coach

Our satisfied clients

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