Simulation of a supervisory authority visit

Information about training

What you get from the training

You will experience first-hand the extent and depth of the supervisory authority's scrutiny. You will go through all the steps of such an inspection in the company. This allows us to prepare you effectively for the inspection.

By carrying out a real audit directly in your company, we will help you to identify any existing deficiencies and recommend what you can improve. As a result of the whole course, you will be ready for a smooth process of future inspection by the supervisory authority.

Training content

An experiential, interactive format that allows you to simulate a real company inspection

  1. 1. Initial agreement on the scope of the simulation (people, places, target)
  2. running the simulation on site at your company
  3. 3. Evaluation report (shortcomings and recommendations for remedy)
  4. final meeting over the report

For whom it is intended

  • company management
  • Manager
  • compliance officer
  • risk manager
  • in-house lawyer

Form of training

  • Pre-registration


  • Compliance officer/ team of experts

Our satisfied clients

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