AML (anti-money laundering) training - a successful example from practice

16. November 2023 / Topic: 
AML training example from practice

Training for employees, and moreover for specialists, is not about formally ticking boxes or clicking through e-learning. It's about creating culture and making sure that every employee understands their job. AML training is a typical example. Many companies consider it a "necessary evil," something to check off and move on. At our company, we say that there is another way to do it - to attract and engage so that the recipients accept the content of the training as their

And we'll get right down to business. Recently, we had the unique opportunity to support our client in his quest to create quality training on the fight against money laundering (Anti-Money Laundering - AML). We have confirmed that we are on the right track.

"We need AML training." What was the client's brief?

The client came to us with a clear vision. He didn't want no formal training, needed a customized coursethat will take his team forward.

  • His goal was to turn team specialists into experts. But he wanted to train them himself.
  • The training should have quality content that would resonated with the team spirit and which would ensure that the specialists learn the information.
  • After the training, the specialists should be able to respond to different AML situations independentlywithout having to discuss everything with the team leader.
  • The final goal was to present the content in an entertaining way so that participants would be able to keep their attention throughout.

Step 1 - Company culture

First, we checked, how things work in the company - we checked the company culture. This of course has an impact on both the way of communication and the form of training. We also requested previous training and all AML materials.

Step 2 - AML training concept design

We then developed the structure of the AML training. It sounds simple, but this step is often the most difficult. We had to come up with an overall concept, how to accommodate the entire AML training package.

When creating the course, we also thought about making the AML training interactive. Therefore, we transferred the whole process from the teacher to the learner - we tried to make the training specialists the carriers of new ideas. We divided the whole AML area according to the client's setup and also according to the law (identification, control, transaction monitoring...).

Step 3 - Joint validation

We agreed with the client on both the philosophy and the structure, and then went into production AML training. During the subsequent work, the need for clarification on the part of the client became apparent. But this was no longer a problem because we were aligned and we knew where we were going.

Step 4 - Production

We've put all the documents together. And of course we regularly discussed the interim results of the work.

Step 5 - Result: finished AML training

And what was the result? It contained several documents:

  • The main thing was presentations for team specialists.
  • The client was given help in order to be able to use the presentation comfortably.
  • We also wanted participants to leave with something "tangible" - so they were given a training tool.
  • And because this was a money laundering case, the client also got map of case studiesthat can be used during the training.

Why all this? The aim of the collaboration was to strengthen the client's autonomy to train his specialists on his own while fostering team spirit.

What about the client? He confirmed that it works!

The key was the initial step and the correct understanding of the client's needs. That's why we've designed the type of training that will really help them.

Do you also need to train your team? As part of our AML training you will find out how a company can be used for money laundering or terrorist financing and, of course, we will introduce you to key legislation. In preparation for practice, we will go through client identification and screening together. Contact us and we'll discuss everything.

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