Tailor-made training: production of e-learning on International Sanctions 

21. November 2023 / Topic: 
tailor-made training International sanctions

To present an uninteresting topic in an entertaining way and yet via e-learning? A challenge, not a problem. We have prepared for the client tailor-made training on "International Sanctions" and we proved that even such a complicated topic can be presented in an engaging and understandable way. 

Client's assignment for customized training 

The client asked us to prepare tailor-made training on international sanctions. He wanted the course to be in the form of e-learning and to be understandable for everyone in the company. 

The aim was to create an e-learning on the topic of "International Sanctions": 

  • which will be Understandable 
  • which will be designed to attract 
  • in which each participant will be able to find his or her knowledge and apply it to your work 
  • which will include test of acquired knowledge 

Step 1 - Technique 

At the beginning, we checked to see what technical means the client has

Step 2 - Draft concept note on international sanctions 

Interestingly, the client was in areas of international sanctions a rookie. That is why we worked on the documents ourselves de facto from scratch, in two steps: 

  • First, we worked out the content of everything that should be in the training on the topic, in PowerPoint. 
  • Then we rearranged the slides. The criterion for ranking was not the content, but the perception of the employee - the future participant. 

The result was a surprising sequence: What is it about - how does it affect me - how does it affect the company - what should I do. 

Step 3 - First validation 

The sequence was agreed upon with the client. 

Step 4 - First graphic design 

The graphic designer and I converted the PowerPoint into lightweight format of emerging e-learning. It was different from PowerPoint, of course. However, the customized training that the client demanded was beginning to take shape. 

Step 5 - Second validation 

We went through the emerging e-learning with the client. Testing was done with several employees. These showed that some parts were still too complicated. They needed to be lightened. 

Step 6 - Edit the graphic design 

The emerging e-learning has undergone graphical changes as well as content and text changes. But we were already on the threshold of the final stage. 

Step 7 - Test and Certificate 

At the end we prepared comprehension test issues. There were not many questions, but they required thinking. Every employee will appreciate that 😊 

Step 8 - Final validation 

Again, we asked the client if the training met the requirements. Only then did we hand it over for use. 

What about the client? He confirmed that it works 

The hardest part was start-up and mutual understanding of requirements. This was successful, and thanks to this we were able to produce something that the client can now distribute to their employees without fear. 

You also need tailor-made training? Whether you mean specialized compliance training or e-learning, workshop or course on your topic, do not hesitate to contact us. We will train you or your entire team, or prepare materials and instructions for you to train yourself. In short, we will tailor-make a course for you - contact us and we'll discuss everything. 

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