PVK and VEČR successfully certified

6. April 2021 / Topic: 

Prague Waterworks and Sewerage (PVK) and Veolia (VEČR) successfully have undergone a certification audit ISO 37001: Anti-corruption management systems. 

BWe were at the preparatory work for the this certification at based on the information provided by us advice the certification process went smoothly. In the process preparations for Certificationi were involvedand selected employees of organisations. Cooperation from contracting authorities was assessed as challenging but very meaningful. The project had a strong positive response from employees Both companies. They appreciated the friendliness and humanity of our team. 

Our know-how and customer orientation lead to a high success rate Certification. We strive for our customers to be our business partnersso that we can build with them long-term cooperation and provide itm the best service. We only recommend solutions to the client that we would choose if we were in their position. 

ISO 37001 increases the value of your business and prevents significant losses. According to World Bank estimates, it pays out every year no morethat $1 trillion in bribes. Indirect effects of corrupt behaviour consist of increased expenditure on the company's operations due to overpriced and poor quality supplies, losses trust business.h partners and limiting investment due to unnecessary transaction costs. 

Preparation for ISO 37001 certification can then be used for At TOPO (criminal liabilityi legal entitiesi.e. According to Lawa No 418/2011 Coll..). This law allows for the prosecution, conviction and punishment of a legal person who has committed a crime. 

ISO 37001 and TOPO make it easier and more efficient business, preceded by Financial losses. Increase credibility and credit companiesThey help build trust between customers, suppliers and third parties. They can Also sreduce the time needed to investigate corruption events. V in the case of a criminal investigation can provide proof aboutthat appropriate measures have been taken. In this way, it is possible to achieve exoneration from criminal liability.  

Companies Veolia and Prague Waterworks and Sewerage are already with us at one on the deck. Loading with too? 

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