How to manage risk related to human behaviour - an example from the implementation of the Anti-Corruption Management

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There are risks that are especially they're not checking very well. Mostly related to the human factor. Canhere have system set up controls, powers, responsibilities. Every decision can be shared etc.People can literally be bound by rules. Of course, on the other hand needstto maintain operational capability vItheir teams. He wantshereso that people were not afraid to make decisions and accept the consequences of their decisions. The only way can succeed in a highly competitive market. 


To cover risks, be transparent and build your reputation as a solid business partner, be the first choice for your customersSuppose that with yours Company decided to full moonit Requesty ISO 37001 Anti-Corruption Management System. The certification body is likely to be looking not only at the system readiness of the organisation, but also real preparedness yourch people act by by the right in a way. It is simply not enough to submit documentation, but it will be important, so that the system wouldl really functional. It's jcourt also the main reasonyfor which it is worth going about things strategically. 


In situationswhen the your staff meetingaher with corrupt behavior or would be on their own mohli corruptionif it allowst, they will be often completely out of sight of colleagues and superiors. Similarly,like when will be questioned by the certifying authority. How will they behavehow will he answer? What all is inStake? What could their failure mean for the whole your Company. Because it is not possible verify the ability people act rightdirectly real situations related toCorruption in advance, it makes sense work on Their ReadinessiExactly in accordance sCodex your organizationsdeclared Inside Rules 


To people are goingvali correctly, needshere long-term application strategy building and development Their Readiness.  It's about open underOrder of human behaviour (not manipulation). Lides ineach team must be clear about what's important. Be able to recognise priorities. Know what needs to be done at a particular moment. They need to be systematically guided to do this and rewarded for desirable behaviors.  

The starting point is knownhundred and four conditions of readiness to act in organisations and itsí Use of At systematic managementpreparation of the plan specific Supporting measures. See the following diagram. 

4 conditions for readiness to act 


If pWe will incorporate knowledge of these conditions directly into Implementation behaviour support systemmaximizing by the likelihood that people will act correctly, in accordance withRulesEveryone needs Understand risk, know how to act, perceive management support and be rewarded for it 

Looks easy. Of course, there's a lot of work behind itIt means injuryit piece of road. NSee first Checkwhat is the current state of the teameh. What is the level of preparedness peopleSuggest Specifically measures And then is plan in time. Create schedule of all activitiesthat will lead to the goal. A after time verify again level of preparedness. On sooon the road is useful experienced guide. 

What does it look like such a support system, what it consists of and who is involved in its implementation? You can read more about that next time. 

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