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1. September 2020 / Topic: 

Did you know that on 24 September 2020 you can look forward to the next compliance conference Think Compliance? It will take place at the Clarion Congress Prague hotel. This year's conference is again organized by the Czech Compliance Association (CCA) and we are proud to be a part of it - we will show you how to enforce compliance in practice. In addition, we are also a sponsor. Don't let thei miss this conference because you can fully enjoy Day with Czech and foreign compliance professionals who share similar values to yours.   

Why you should not miss the conference? 

You will learn lots of news and interesting facts from the field compliance. You can look forward to stories fromPractice. Like this, which lead to compliance from the perspective of a so-calledThe Anti-Protection Act. This to help fight corruption. You'll see how real cases have turned out, witheyou can learn. You can also enjoy practical workshops, for example on how to conduct internal investigationsAll this with compliance leaders. 

The whole conference will be in the spirit of together realize that compliance is not just a matter for a few compliance officers, but for all of us. We will reflect on how it has influenced us and where it has taken us. Has it changed our corporate values?  

The conference is organised by the ČCAnd we We are a proud part of 

The Think Compliance conference is organised by the Czech Compliance Association. Our Compliance Team will be part of the programme. They will revealme you how to enforce compliance in practice and outlineme real stories and examples directly from practice from compliance officers 

We look forward to seeing you 

Don't miss the Think Compliance conference. Not only will you learn interesting information and deepen your expertise, but you will also have a unique chance to establish new relationships and contacts with real professionals like you.  

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