Whistleblowing: first experiences, or are you getting it right?

19. January 2024 / Topic: 

A webinar based on first-hand experience of implementing and launching whistleblowing, whistleblower protection, infringement. We'll discuss everything we've seen and what we've dealt with. We'll also answer the most common questions we've encountered. So all from practical life.

Date and time: 13 February 2024, 10:00 - 11:00

Are you in charge of the internal notification system? Or are you just implementing it? Are you considering how to handle notifications? And maybe you've even already received some notifications?

Then we invite you to a webinar to discuss everything that may come in handy. We will discuss the questions we have received. If you have one as well, send it to us ahead of time.

Webinar programme:

  • What's the real deal?
  • What did you ask us?
  • And what did you not ask but wanted to?

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