Webinar - Digital Information/IT security manager

1. June 2023 / Topic: 

Digital Information/IT security manager

The next part of the webinar series Be compliant | Digitally! focusing on the digitalization of the management system suitable for specialists who are responsible for information security management and excel is no longer enough.

Date and time: 20.6.2023, 10:00 - 11:00

Are you responsible for the information security risk management system? Are you looking for a way to manage risk quickly, smoothly and reliably? Are you responsible for the entire system? Do you coordinate, verify, monitor... to protect the company?

Then we invite you to a webinar to show you how to manage risks, controls and incidents using a digital solution.

We will discuss the benefits and add tips from practice.

Webinar programme:

  • Risk analysis and assessment
  • Action plan and controls
  • Incident Management
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